sorella sale time!

If you are a sorella-devotee you will note we don’t have sales very often.

sale FB cover photo BW

But it’s the ‘end of financial year’ here in Australia, and with that it means: tax time.

And with tax time comes stocktake. And with stocktake comes sitting on the floor for countless hours, days even, counting lots and lots of PJs.

You will probably know from my whingeing that I moved house this past week. I survived by the way – but it’s not yet the end. There’s a mountain of boxes still around me and I have been forced to create a very strategic ‘valley’ throughout the house to enable me to get to the most important places one needs – the fridge and the bed. I have even bribed the delivery guy of our new couch with beer to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take some empty boxes in his van.

So with this added household chaos – I just couldn’t cope with the thought of our annual event of counting womens, mens, and maternity sleepwear!

What a snooze-fest!

So I came up with the ingenious plan to have a sale. The more we sell the less we have to count. I’m sure our accountant will see some sort of positives in this approach to my business, no?

Anyway. Get amongst it. Because apart from doing yourself a favour by sleeping in some organic cotton, you are doing me a favour by not losing days of my precious life counting.

Shop here: – We have up to 50% off selected styles from every collection – menswear, womens and maternity wear. So whether you are pregnant, a fella needing to ditch your baggy pilly tracksuit pants you’ve had since 2005, or you need a gift for a friend – there is something for everyone.

My sincere thanks! anna x

hm_image_3 day sale

3 things no.2! || boobies, coconuts, birth

Did you like our first 3 things?

Well then let’s not stop now. Here’s edition no.2!

3 things I learnt/realised/randomly thought about this week || no.2


I spent the weekend on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland) visiting my 3 nieces and nephew and apart from an education in Frozen, I came away with some gold-nugget quotes that are still making me laugh.

This is perhaps my favourite – from my 4 year-old nephew who I guess has had a lesson or two at Kindy on God recently:

“God is in your heart. Your heart is in the middle of your boobies”

 Fair enough.

My nephew. Always smiling (and always happy to entertain a crowd ie. the future Hugh Jackman?)

My nephew. Always smiling (and always happy to entertain a crowd ie. the future Hugh Jackman?)


Actually, also a Chia Seed farm, Quinoa farm, Cacao farm… I would be a bazillionaire right now.

AND have wonderful skin.

In addition to a coconut plantation, I would also have my very own personal coconut opener. This guy I met in Fiji collects the nuts from local farms, pays them a fee, then sells them roadside for weary travellers!

In addition to a coconut plantation, I would also have my very own human-coconut opener. This guy I met in Fiji collects the nuts from local farms, pays them a fee, then sells them roadside for weary travellers. Makes a motza he does.


That means that in the time taken to eat my lunch, 5 brilliant women have been to hell and back. 

Just holding my sanga to my mouth is often a hard enough physical challenge for me some days. Nice work ladies.

the sorella baby. THE cutest.  Her mother is lucky she didn't get put in my handbag after shooting to bring home with me.

The sorella baby. THE cutest. Her mother is lucky she didn’t get put in my handbag after shooting the catalogue to bring home with me.

And that’s a wrap for another exciting instalment of 3 things!

I would love to hear what you have learnt/realised/randomly though about this week?

~ anna x

You want it? You got it.

While we are still only a baby of a label finding our feet, those that have found us have been devoted since their first restful night sleep in our soft organic Pjs. And they keep coming back for more.

And it’s these dedicated fans that shaped our plans this year, and will continue to do so into the future. We have already managed to fulfill one big fan-based request – to launch a mens line. So it is with a big smile and a stack of excitement that we announce the launch of the 2nd big request from our awesome customers this year….The request was clear:


So it’s with much pleasure we can now offer all your favourite pieces in beautiful black! And it’s a lovely earthy black that goes in line with our organic goodness.

Our best-selling organic singlet. Wear as sleepwear, loungewear, or out & about!

Our best-selling organic singlet.  Sleepwear, loungewear, or out & about

sorella & me organic singlet - wear through pregnancy as your belly grows and after as a perfect nursing top with its snap button opening ($54.95)

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Capturing the love of a mother with her newborn child

My husband bought LittleOne baby magazine for me when I was pregnant years ago.  I hadn’t seen the magazine before and knew straight away there was going to be something special inside the glossy pages! It has remained as one of my favorites.  I especially love the features they do on children’s bedrooms titled “Baby’s Space’.

Ella Rose's room we loved from Issue 9. Our friend Ella's mum Jade ( has great style!

Ella Rose’s room we loved from Issue 9. Our friend Ella’s mum Jade has great style – you will find her & many beautiful things at Wedding Bling

The current issue of LittleOne baby is no exception and has a beautiful feature on new mums- real mums in the hospital just days after giving birth. Amy Doak mentions in her Publisher’s letter that there is nothing quite like “the look of love on a new mother’s face” (LittleOne baby Issue 10 p8). Photographer Kate Monotti has certainly captured this in the recent shoot. And we were thrilled to be able to supply and gift our sorella & me sleepwear to a gorgeous mum in the feature.

LittleOnebaby Magazine Issue 10 2013

LittleOnebaby Magazine Issue 10 2013

I remember a local photographer from the paper coming to my room after the birth of my babies with his camera wanting a picture, boy was I apprehensive! That experience for a little local paper was nothing on these brave and beautiful mums that have said yes to a magazine shoot so soon after birth.

Chloe with baby Cooper - just four days old!  Chloe wears sorella & me organic singlet, drawstring pant and lounge wrap. She looks beautiful!!!

Chloe with baby Cooper – just four days old! (image by Kate Monotti, LittleOne baby Issue 10)
Chloe wears sorella & me organic singlet, drawstring pant and lounge wrap. She looks beautiful!!!

Lounge wear shouldn't mean your partners old trackie!! sorella & me organic nursing nightie p.144

“Lounge wear shouldn’t mean your partners old trackie!!”
sorella & me organic nursing nightie in evening sky $84.95 (right) LittleOne baby Issue 10 p144

Congratulations to LittleOne baby magazine on such a beautiful concept and we admire the beautiful women in the shoot that, regardless of the toll the previous days may have had on their bodies, are glowing with beauty and love!!

How did you feel after the birth of your baby? Would you have been brave enough to pose for a magazine?!!!

~ alisha x

Moving forward following miscarriage

Today on the blog, a very courageous woman shares her deepest sadness.

We thank Alli from Alli & Genine for allowing us to share her story with the sorella-hood and also thank her for her being so brave in this mostly taboo subject of miscarriage.

We hope her experience provides comfort to those women in the sorella-hood community who have suffered a miscarriage and also provide a little insight for those of you who know a beautiful woman who has endured a similar loss.

We send positive energy to Alli, and to you all with the hope that by sharing her heart-felt words with you today, strength is found in moving forward, and as Alli herself expressed –

“I want other women out there to feel less alone in their journey”

…and that is what the sorella-hood (‘sister-hood’) is all about.

~ alisha & anna


(Originally posted April 3, 2013 on View the original post here.)

Where to from here? Alli ponders what was not meant to be….

Today I feel numb. Confused. Broken. Exhausted. Empty. Lost. And deeply heartbroken. Not sure what I should do next. Part of me wants to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself. To sulk, mope, cry, to attempt to sleep the day away. How I wish I could fast forward these long, sad days. Continue reading

sorella & me:

We received a really lovely review from Melbourne Blogger Pip Mooney of The Daily Wipe that we thought we’d share today.

Pip blogs about parenting, fashion, beauty, and food – and everything in between! Who is the latest celeb to fall pregs, or just gave birth? You’ll hear it first from Pip! Which designer label is set to release a new children’s line? Pip will know about it…. We love her blog!

Pip is currently pregnant herself and due in November. We wish you all the very best for the remainder of your pregnancy Pip and the arrival of your new bubba!
~ alisha & anna

Originally posted on the daily wipe:

Sorella & Me

If you’re like me and have been on the hunt for sleepwear to pack for the big day that doesn’t make you feel and look like you’ve just endured the most challenging day of your life, then look no further.

Because boy do the girls at Sorella & Me really know how to make a girl feel gooood!

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How to get back into exercise after pregnancy

Did you get into the fun of the Olympics? I have LOVED all the photos posted on social media this past month by friends of their children dressed up like their favourite athletes – some with goggles and their bathing suit, some with their BMX, some with their netball uniforms. So cute!

And I will admit to also getting caught up in the spirit of the games and feeling quite spurred on to get back into some more formal sport (although I do think my netball days are over – my engagement ring can barely fit over my broken knuckle)….

So my plan is to get back into a running program as well as yoga – 2 things I have always loved but have somehow got out of the groove of incorporating into my every-day.

Getting back into exercise reminded me of a great guest-post from February by Melissa Vandewater – Triathlete, Ironwoman, 2012 Olympic Trials competitor and all-round fabulous bird. She is an incredible athlete and an inspiration. Any time I catch up with her I drown myself in her tips for getting and staying motivated.

I know there are also some women in the sorella-hood that feel like they could also use a boost to get back into running since the birth of their baby. So I thought I’d re-blog her post on helping you get back into a routine, and you’ll be running like wonder woman (but in a more supportive bra) in no time!

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A feeling in my loins…

As many of you know, I am currently at the very start of planning my wedding. I am completely overwhelmed, terrified, nauseated, and literally sleepless with all the options, costs and ways it could all go very very wrong. To make matters worse, while I am shortlisting venues and finalising budgets, I have had every bride there has even been tell me “Oh it’s all so fabulous! I wish I was planning my wedding day again! It’s the BEST!”

Which does nothing except make me feel like I am missing something. Didn’t anyone else feel the pain of wedding-planning-crazy-land?

Interestingly, as I grapple with the “is it all really worth it – why can’t I just elope” question, it seems one mother in the sorella-hood has also felt a similar confusion when it came to the experience of the birth of her first baby.

Does time heal old wounds? Here’s her story….


I can recall the painful day after the birth of my daughter… As a result, I was determined she was to be an only child – I had done childbirth, there and then. Finished. Complete! Continue reading

A guy walks into a bar and says “Why the pregnant barmaid?”

I will admit I did do a double take as her beautiful belly pushed gently against the serving area. Considering pregnant women and alcohol aren’t generally seen together (although I have heard that beer containing hops may be beneficial? Perhaps a discussion for another time)… I reminded myself, there is no smoke in these environments anymore and it was quite fabulous seeing a woman in all her preggie glory maneuvering her way up and down the narrow serving area, as she had likely done before she was pregnant. It was quite an art and she had it sorted.

She looked pretty gorgeous with her big boosies, glowing cheeks, and she looked pretty happy to me. I was a little envious of the inner-goddess she was exuding as she went about her work – as I am with most pregnant women I see out and about. They are all gorgeous to me!

This was about a month ago in a country Queensland pub.  However, I recently read that a Melbourne barmaid allegedly lost her job when she announced her pregnancy. Her boss believed patrons did not want to be served by a ‘pregnant’ woman.

Unbelievable. How a bump could offend anyone I just don’t know.

Bill Shorten, the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Financial Services and Superannuation, commented on the issue in a recent interview. He said:

“Did you know that 148,000 mums have now accessed the Government       Scheme which we introduced last year, which pays a certain number of weeks minimum wage. We are sending a very clear message that pregnancy is something to be celebrated…having kids shouldn’t be a bar to participating in the workforce.  We want to be able to help people make ends meet so that they are not making a choice between job and family.” (Ministers Media Centre interview with Belinda Heggan)

You can read the full interview here.

It seems that government policy is moving in the right direction.

Keeping your employment while pregnant is one thing – getting your maternity leave entitlements in another! RTimages via istockphoto

It’s also great to see some workplaces supporting their pregnant employees. I was recently in a hotel and noticed a pregnant staff member had a specially designed maternity uniform to allow for her growing belly. A fantastic idea and a great way to support this staff member – she looked great and was obviously much more comfortable than she would be if wearing an over-sized version of her regular uniform.

I just can’t imagine what reasoning the Melbourne pub owner may have had for thinking pregnancy is some sort of eyesore. Perhaps in his head he was justifying this blatant discrimination with something like….

“Sorry, I can’t employ you any longer, your boobs are like cannonballs and are starting to bust out of your uniform. My patrons may still enjoy flirting with your chest while ordering their beverage, but once they see your lower half, it may put them off ordering a second. While I’m ok with muffin tops, your belly is just a bit too large for me to cope with. You’re sacked.”

Has pregnancy been a problem for you or someone you know at your workplace?

~ alisha

This organic T-shirt comes with a WARNING: You won’t want to take it off!

Just a little call out today to let you know about our promotion for this week only: the sorella & me organic modern t is on sale for $29 (rrp $54.95).

Haven’t heard the buzz about the super soft T-shirt? Well…this is no ordinary t!

Originally designed for women who were resorting to wearing their hubby’s oversized & ugly T-shirts to get comfy during pregnancy, this t has become a firm favourite for both pregnant and non-pregnant women who love a t, but love a cute & comfy t even more.

A great basic for your everyday wardrobe – wear with jeans, leggings, or to bed with your favourite pj short or pants (and it’s long enough so you can get away with just knickers!).

The softness of the 100% organic (GOTS certified) and fair trade cotton is amazing against your skin. Our customers say it feels like silk! And with the lovely scoop-neckline, you will look feel fab at the same time as feeling super comfy.

For women who are expecting, it also makes for a stylish t for the hospital and gives you the coverage you need when the visitors arrive.

Available in 2 colours (gardenia & coral) and for one week only – ends midnight Friday 20th July or until stocks last.

We surely don’t need to tell you to hurry to snap one of these babies up!!


~ anna & alisha