When your food intolerances aren’t tolerated

I had a recent experience ordering a coffee from a café that set a new record in rudeness from wait staff in relation to my food intolerances and allergies.

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sorella & me is born!

Hi there, welcome, stay a while!

Alisha and I (Anna) welcome you to ‘the sorella-hood‘ – we hope it will be a fresh space for you (and us!) to have a laugh, learn something new, share knowledge and experiences, and to feel part of something a little different.

sorella & me is a new Australian maternity sleep and lounge wear label. It’s been 2 years in the making, so as you can imagine, we are very excited about our upcoming launch, and must thank all those who provided us with support and encouragement along the way – you know who you are!

We have spent almost 2 years researching & designing what is lacking in maternity lounge and sleepwear and our first line hopefully meets those needs.  It’s one of the most important times in a woman’s life and we believe she deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful during that time. Continue reading