How classy are you?

Following on from Jess’ post and her top tips for traveling with your bub, it made me realize perhaps this is a bigger topic we could explore.  Plane travel really is tough with kids – whether it be domestic or long haul!

Brad and Angelina with their family at the Airport

Brad and Angelina must have a pretty efficient system for non-stressful travel with their 6 little kiddies. (image via Reuters)

A friend visited Australia over the Summer with her hubbie and 2.5 kids from London. They decided that after a hot Christmas, some overdone kids (and likely overdone mum & dad) that they would fork out the extra dollars to get an upgrade to business class for the first leg of the trip.  Those First class flat beds were calling them.  My friend’s feedback confirmed they were worth every cent (even though she probably wouldn’t be able to buy a new pair of shoes – her addiction – for another 3 years).

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