dogy do-do or dogy don’t?

I am an animal lover. Usually when people say that out loud, others automatically assume they are NOT animal lovers and are trying to convince you otherwise. I must admit though I was frightened of dogs as a child.  Might have something to do with holding a tyre hubcap full of dog food and my grandfather letting two greyhounds off the leash, expecting me to put the food down.  Of course, in seeing them galloping towards me the food went in the air I screamed and ran away.  Not traumatized by this at all.

Anyway, I digress.  I am an animal lover.  On a recent attempt to get fit I began back at my local gym.  Just a little free trial because if my 3-year-old doesn’t like the crèche there is no point joining up.

My little boy sitting on the footpath in under the A-frame gym sign out the front of the gym wasn’t a good start.  Trying to coerce him out to come inside (this was day two by the way so he knew what was up and quite cheekily enjoyed crawling in to hide from me) wasn’t fun.  Thank-fully it only took a few minutes to get him out so I was pretty relieved – I was anticipating I could have been there acting all calm and ‘together’ on the street for a good while!

On older photo of my son hiding in an A-frame signs.  This has been something he has loved to do for a while!

On older photo of my son hiding in an A-frame sign. This has been something he has loved to do for a while!

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boys will be boys and girls may giggle

Today I share with the sorella-hood a simple observation as a mum in the school yard on a Thursday morning.  My daughter has started Prep and today I was able to take my time dropping her to the classroom.

We took a leisurely stroll through the playground.  As the “BIG” boys ran past she cowered in to me clenching my hand tight.  I am a highschool teacher so to me these boys are babies, but to my little preppy I could understand how to her the stomping of their school shoes on the concrete as they zoomed past us, would be quite frightening.

We stood in silence on the edge of the oval and watched the children play.  What I observed was THAT obvious that it really was drawn to my attention.

It was amazing to watch the stereotypical body language of these young souls.  The girls insecure, following the pack like little lost sheep fearful that if they lose their friends for a moment they would be lost forever.  The boys ruggedly tackling eachother and running away, pointing, pushing, shoving, laughing and chasing.  Even more humorous the girls laughing at the boys, giggling and whispering about them, trying to get their attention but also rolling eyes and being oh so much more mature.  The boys, knowing full well they were being watched, but not giving the girls any attention and continuing on their high energy adventure.  I am well aware that avoiding ‘boys germs’ begins at an early age, but I guess I was a bit surprised to see that these typical behaviors, I see in the high school yard as an educator, begin at such a young age.

boys and girls busy at play as toddlers

boys and girls busy at play as toddlers

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To dummy or not to dummy? When do WE say good-bye to the comforter?!

Early when I was in the ‘newborn haze’ I posted on Facebook “to dummy or not to dummy?”, to get advice from friends about whether I should give my baby one.  The response was mixed.  I decided to give him one. Would I give him a dummy again? Yes. My daughter didn’t have one (which is why I went searching for opinion), but the dummy was the only thing that gave me a break from breastfeeding my very thirsty son and allowing my body the time it needed to produce more milk.  It was a lifesaver in the car and he was a great sleeper with our strict rule that dummy was only for sleep time, so in the cot and in the car etc.   It was like magic – produce the dummy and off to sleep he would go.  However, I there surely isn’t a ‘one fix’ plan/approach to children, it definitely wasn’t something my daughter would have needed or benefited from.

A couple of years later and I have decided it is time for my little boy to say good-bye to the dummy. I would have gotten rid of it earlier, he is 3 soon, but I wanted to be totally available for whatever sleepless nights (I might have!) or time he might need with me in order to feel secure.  And so, over the Christmas break seems like a good time as the distraction and chaos of the festive season, and out of the normal home routine, might mean he will be tired and find it easier to go off to sleep without his dummy.

Baby's Dummy

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How classy are you?

Following on from Jess’ post and her top tips for traveling with your bub, it made me realize perhaps this is a bigger topic we could explore.  Plane travel really is tough with kids – whether it be domestic or long haul!

Brad and Angelina with their family at the Airport

Brad and Angelina must have a pretty efficient system for non-stressful travel with their 6 little kiddies. (image via Reuters)

A friend visited Australia over the Summer with her hubbie and 2.5 kids from London. They decided that after a hot Christmas, some overdone kids (and likely overdone mum & dad) that they would fork out the extra dollars to get an upgrade to business class for the first leg of the trip.  Those First class flat beds were calling them.  My friend’s feedback confirmed they were worth every cent (even though she probably wouldn’t be able to buy a new pair of shoes – her addiction – for another 3 years).

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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

The days of ‘Pass the Parcel’ (with just the one present at the end), ‘Statues’, ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’ and a plate of fairy bread are officially over.

It seems children’s parties have morphed into a dizzying heights with each party pushing the fun-limits of the one preceding it.  Jumping castles, face painting, fairies, and the most perfectly iced cupcakes.

And, if ‘Pass the Parcel’ is played, there must be a present in every layer.  Why? Because we need to teach kids that life is fair and everyone has an equal chance and (more to the point) I really don’t want tears and tantrums.  I want everyone to be happy and have fun, so everyone opens a layer and everyone gets a Freddo Frog… Life in kids-party world is fair.

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Andrea’s Pregnancy Video Diary – Week 19

Four weeks on from her announcement that she is pregnant, Andrea shares her latest video diary with the sorella-hood. If you missed her first diary entry, you can check it out here.

Now at 19 weeks, Andrea has the choice of finding out her baby’s gender. Making this decision has become a little more difficult due to the vested interests of her two young children who seem to have their own views on sibling responsibilities when the baby arrives as well as gender preference (so cute!).

I can certainly remember the day my younger sister was born – I cried, and cried and cried. I was so sure she was going to be a boy!

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Driving with the kid’s music on. With no kids in the car.

I regularly catch myself out driving in the car on my own with the kid’s music on. It amazes me how often I do this.  I quite like children’s music – I’m a little bit in love with Justine Clarke and her ‘Great Big World’.  I sing away with the kids, drop them off at kindy and then continue to work still singing away to her catchy tunes like ‘Dinosaur Roar’.

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It’s just a lunchbox for goodness sake!

The back to school dramas dragged out as Alisha took on the budget department store lunchbox aisle – and lost. 

Lunch Box for back to schoolA quick whip out to the shops – baby boy needs a lunchbox for Kindy.  Yes, I have left it to the day before to purchase!  I do feel bad.  My daughter had a beautiful Tinkerbell lunchbox when she started Kindy – personalized with her name on it too.  I promised myself he would have all the special things she had…but nevertheless, here I am trying to find him a lunchbox they day before. Oops. Continue reading