Is it me or my daughter you don’t like?

There have been a few changes for my daughter at childcare this year as she has now moved into the Kindy room. It was a time to get to know some new friends, as many of the kids she played with last year have now left for Prep.

Climbing a tree

Climbing Tree Fun at the Park - my daughter & her little brother

As the weeks went on I started to hear the same name being repeated – let’s call her… ‘Anne’.  My daughter would come home talking about Anne regularly.  I would ask her “How was your day?” and she would reply with:

“Anne did ‘this’, and it was so funny when Anne did ‘that’”Continue reading

The one thing that unravels me in my job as Mum

Mums are supposed to be tough. Any time I saw my mum shed a tear it made me feel very unsettled (and as a woman I’ve since come to realise she must have shed a hell of a lot more than what she let me and my 3 sisters see).

So I try to be the strong mum for my children, that my mum was to me – but there is one thing that just never fails to unravel me. The dreaded needle.

I spent my childhood praying for a pill that would replace all needles, and I still don’t understand why someone hasn’t invented one.  A fainting spell in grade 6 while getting the rubella vaccination set me up for a lifetime of fear associated with needles.  Any sight of a needle on TV and I’m looking for a pillow to hide behind.  It’s not so much the pain of the needle that bothers me, it’s just the idea of the sharp end piercing my flesh and going down under my skin. Yuck. Continue reading

A Day with the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

For regular sorella & me fans, you will already know that we went to the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute annual Discovery Day on Sunday.

maternity sleepwear

The MCRI Discovery Day is set on Dame Elisabeth's beautiful grounds of Cruden Farm

It was a privilege to be part of the day, supporting such a great cause, while also meeting some lovely volunteers, staff, and families.  It was set amongst Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s Cruden Farm – which was simply stunning.  It was the kind of Melbourne morning where the sky was pure blue and the grass all delicious and dewy. And, although Alisha & I danced our hearts out the night before at Lenny’ Kravitz’s concert, being up early taking in this beautiful scenery was such a joy. We couldn’t resist sharing with you: Continue reading

Keeping it in the family

It’s been just over a month since we launched sorella & me organic maternity sleepwear with our online store.  It’s been a big and exciting lead up and now we are seeing our ‘baby’ develop and grow (she is growing up so fast and so many people love her as much as we do! See here and here!).

It’s probably no surprise to some people given how much goes into developing, running, and growing a small business, that I often end up dreaming at night about maternity sleepwear, sewing machines, and sometimes even pregnancy (shhh! don’t tell J1!!).  Those who grew up in a family with a small business or now have a business themselves will know that you eat, sleep and breathe your business – and this never seems to ease no matter what stage along you are.

Alisha has the double whammy of sorella & me as well as running her second business with her husband J2 (and let’s not forget she is also back teaching part-time. What a women!). At least she has a couple of future workers in the making with her two tots L & Z (albeit a few years away).

Having your children work in the family business seems to be a bit of an Australian tradition, don’t you think? My three sisters and I spent many afternoons after school or Saturdays working in our family’s businesses (yes, businesses – plural). Some call this child-labor, it’s hard not to argue, although we did usually get lunch thrown in. Continue reading

Our view from the 2012 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

sorella & me was lucky enough to attend the Opening Event of the 2012 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF). The plan was to post a few pics on our Facebook page, but with so many delightful bits and pieces, we felt a post was a more respectable dedication to the incredible Aussie designers who featured.

Now I’m not skilled with an iphone at the best of times – and I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs didn’t have the bright lights of a runway in mind when he designed it – so apologies for the low quality in sound, vision and position from the bleachers. It had NOTHING to do with the fact that I had enjoyed a couple of wines prior to the show. There are some great videos posted by the LMFF crew on YouTube so head to their channel to get a closer squizz at the gorgeous pieces from the Opening Event and other runway shows from the festival.

The 2012 event catalouge

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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

The days of ‘Pass the Parcel’ (with just the one present at the end), ‘Statues’, ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’ and a plate of fairy bread are officially over.

It seems children’s parties have morphed into a dizzying heights with each party pushing the fun-limits of the one preceding it.  Jumping castles, face painting, fairies, and the most perfectly iced cupcakes.

And, if ‘Pass the Parcel’ is played, there must be a present in every layer.  Why? Because we need to teach kids that life is fair and everyone has an equal chance and (more to the point) I really don’t want tears and tantrums.  I want everyone to be happy and have fun, so everyone opens a layer and everyone gets a Freddo Frog… Life in kids-party world is fair.

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Andrea’s Pregnancy Video Diary – Week 19

Four weeks on from her announcement that she is pregnant, Andrea shares her latest video diary with the sorella-hood. If you missed her first diary entry, you can check it out here.

Now at 19 weeks, Andrea has the choice of finding out her baby’s gender. Making this decision has become a little more difficult due to the vested interests of her two young children who seem to have their own views on sibling responsibilities when the baby arrives as well as gender preference (so cute!).

I can certainly remember the day my younger sister was born – I cried, and cried and cried. I was so sure she was going to be a boy!

Find out what Andrea decides to do… Continue reading